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Claire Tennant Workshop - Private moulding and casting workshops

Private Moulding & Casting Workshops

Need a hand developing a skill? Looking for some extra assistance? Private moulding & casting workshops might just be what you are looking for! Claire Tennant Workshop offers tailored to suit private workshops for one on one or small groups of 2-4 people. These workshops are a fantastic way to hone a skill, ask the […]

Crystal Decanter Candle Moulds

Customise Your Candle Moulds and Soap Moulds

Candle moulds created just for you The candle moulds soap moulds that you use are one way to set yourself apart from other candle creators out there. Custom made moulds allow you to create a candle mould from existing objects (such as decanters). Or you may even want to sculpt your own truly unique piece […]

Claire Tennant Sculpture Workshop

Sculpture Workshop at Rosby Winery

Set in the luscious Rosby Winery scenery, I recently had the pleasure to lead a 3-day sculpture workshop over August 15th to 17th. With the stunning Rosby mud bick homestead as a backdrop and wonderful winter weather the sculpting and casting workshop was an event to be remembered. On the Tuesday, we studied sculpting. The […]

Restoring Antiques - Claire Tennant Workshop

Restoring Antiques To Their Former Glory

Restoring antiques and breathing life into them is a rewarding task. One of the obstacles to overcome can be in replacing elements that are no longer made or which have destroyed completely. Using expert moulding techniques, replicating existing pieces to match or creating new ones based off design is possible. Some items that you might […]

Types of Silicone - Mould Making

Types of Silicone for Moulding

In this blog I’ll be covering the different types of silicone for moulding. Depending on your application the type of silicone used for moulding may differ. Choosing the right silicone for the job. While there are many different brands and styles of silicones, they all fall into one of 2 main categories: Condensation Cure Silicones […]

Types of Moulds - Claire Tennant Workshop

Different Types of Moulds

Types of moulds explained. The real key to making an effective mould is choosing the right technique for the job at hand. There are different types of moulds and silicones. Choosing the right moulding technique and silicone can depend greatly on a number of various factors, namely: Size Shape Complexity Material that original is made […]

Couples Life Casting - Claire Tennant Workshop

Couples Life Casting

Casting couples for life. Couples life casting is the moulding of two lovers intertwined limbs (think holding hands). From the mould I am able to make a cast from a range of different materials. If you are looking for a creative idea for a table centrepiece for your wedding day, or a special way to […]

Casting for Cosplay - Claire Tennant Workshop

Casting For Cosplay!

Cosplay is everywhere. Conventions are going on all the time, events are being held at bars around town and having an amazing costume to be seen at any of these is a must! As any good cosplayer knows a lot of effort goes into creating costumes and those little touches and fine details make all […]

Claire Tennant Workshop - Elephant Head Mould

Think Big (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay on this post. I’ve been run off my feet with a job I can’t talk about! Lol Now that the elephants are in the public realm, I can reveal that they were for the VIVD festival of light in Sydney last month. They featured as collection boxes that lit up and […]

Claire Tennant Workshop - Elephant Head Mould

Think Big

For the last couple of weeks, I have been building, moulding and casting a life size Asian elephant head. It’s been quite a process from beginning to end, and the difficulty has definitely been compounded by the scale. For this project I have made use of all my skills and even some of other peoples! […]