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Claire Tennant Workshop - Elephant Head Mould

Think Big (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay on this post. I’ve been run off my feet with a job I can’t talk about! Lol Now that the elephants are in the public realm, I can reveal that they were for the VIVD festival of light in Sydney last month. They featured as collection boxes that lit up and […]

Claire Tennant Workshop - Elephant Head Mould

Think Big

For the last couple of weeks, I have been building, moulding and casting a life size Asian elephant head. It’s been quite a process from beginning to end, and the difficulty has definitely been compounded by the scale. For this project I have made use of all my skills and even some of other peoples! […]

Claire Tennant Workshop - Life Casting

Maternity Casting – A unique commemorative keepsake

What is maternity casting? It is a life cast taken of your pregnant belly. I take a ‘skin safe’ and non toxic algenate and plaster mould of your body and create a unique and commemorative keepsake of this moment. With the mould created, I immediately produce a plaster casting of your belly.

Claire Tennant Workshop - Prosthetic Makeup Workshop

Prosthetic Makeup Workshop

Sculpting, moulding, and casting techniques for prosthetic makeup. The past week was a busy one! I spent the week introducing students at the Cameron Jane School of Makeup Design for a unit in their Diploma of Specialist Make-up Services. In this unit they learnt how to sculpt, mould, and life cast for prosthetic makeup. What an […]

Mould Maker - Claire Tennant Workshop

Record Breaker To Mould Maker

In the ever changing life of a mould maker, I was called to a job at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre to take hand and foot impressions of the world record breaking swimmer Ashley Callus.

Claire Tennant Workshop - TV mould/model set design

Bottersnikes & Gumbles – Props and Sets Design

Bottersnikes & Gumbles – Behind the scenes of animation. Last year I had the pleasure of revisiting my roots in making sets for film and TV. Making miniature sets is my absolute favourite job. Everything must be made from scratch and it is really incredible watching a whole environment spring to life. The level of detail […]

Claire Tennant Workshop - Bowl-A-Rama Trophies


Sculpting a winner for the Bowl-A-Rama trophies Last weekend (20/21st FEB 2016) Bowl-A-Rama took place in Bondi. Over two days top of the crop skaters took place in the competition heats advancing through to the finals on Sunday.

Claire Tennant Workshop - Resin Embedding

Clear Resin Embedding

The process of embedding an object into a clear resin block might seem like an easy one, but actually it’s one of the more difficult techniques to achieve with resins…but gee it looks good!

Claire Tennant Workshop - The Mould Making Process

From Sculpture, To Mould, To Cast

The Mould Making Process What’s involved in making a mould? How is a mould created and used? A run through of the process involved.

Claire Tennant Workshop - Moulding & Casting

What’s the difference between moulding and casting?

The difference between moulding and casting is a common question. Moulding and Casting are often confused. Whilst the two processes are nearly always used in conjunction with each other, they are very different techniques.