Casting is the manufacturing process of pouring a liquid into a mould for it to then solidify.

Silicone Mould for casting

Guy MaestriDingo (Silicone mould)

Casting allows a duplicate of your original piece to be created.

The silicone moulding process allows incredibly accurate and detailed copies to be made from any number of materials.

  • Stone based products and plasters
  • Resins- Polyester, Polyurethane, Epoxy, ‘Water- clear’, flexible, rigid
  • Fiberglass
  • Cold cast alloys including copper, aluminium, brass, and bronze
  • Foams- rigid, flexible, expanding
  • Silicones, Opaque, translucent, soft and flexible, firm and long wearing, stretchy, dense, skin safe, food safe

Guy MaestriDingo (Cold Cast Bronze)

I can cast single pieces, batches and short casting runs, all the way up to hundreds of pieces.

Once I have created the mould any number of castings can be produced from it.
A ‘gang mould’ or multiple moulds can also be made if a large number of castings is required.

You can view previous examples of my work in the moulding/casting gallery.