Custom Moulds

Custom moulds made to order.

Claire Tennant Workshop - Custom Moulds

Chocolate mould- food grade silicone

As sculpture is never the same twice and every idea is different, I offer custom moulds made to fit every job uniquely.

With a variety of moulding techniques available, I can help you choose the right fit for the project at hand.

Whether it’s big or small, dozens or just one, I can help you get the best result for your piece.

Claire Tennant Workshop - Custom Moulds

Moulding and replicating a vintage pool fountain fitting.
Mine is the one on the right.

Antique restoration/Bespoke fittings reproduction
Are you a keen restorer of antiques or furniture?

I can take a mould of existing mouldings or parts to finish a pattern, extend a missing part or completely replace a missing element from photos.

Please contact me to discuss your custom mould requirements.