Resin Embedding

Resin embedding for preservation and aesthetic.

The process of embedding an object into a clear resin block might seem like an easy one, but actually it’s one of the more difficult techniques to achieve with resins…but gee it looks good!

resin embeddingPreserving an object in a block of resin is a great way to be able to handle very delicate pieces, allowing one to really appreciate the fine detail.

Displaying a small item within a block can also add importance and gravity to an object.

Resin embedding is a gradual process and can take up to 5 days to achieve a finished piece. The larger the block of resin, the harder it is.
Resin creates a lot of heat while curing. The more resin, the greater the heat. Too much heat and the piece will start smoking and eventually crack!

The resin must be poured in stages to allow each stage to cool down before adding the next one.
The other thing that makes it a tricky technique, is that there is only one chance to get it right. Once the resin is cured, that is it. Your piece is stuck in there for good.

Organic matter in resin.

skull01In particular, organic matter is tricky.
If you can imagine a leaf, recently dropped from a tree, throughout the structure of the leaf there are tiny pockets of air. As the resin finds its way into all these microscopic cavities, the air pushed out and tiny bubbles are created.
These bubbles can obscure the object completely if not handled correctly in the curing process.

Whilst there are many techniques that I employ to avoid these problems, the odd bubble is sometimes unavoidable.
Clients are asked to keep in mind that it is a hand made article and the occasional imperfection has to be accepted.

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