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Sculpture moulding and casting

Moulds and casts of sculptures for sculptors, artists, enthusiasts, hobbyists and everyone!

Custom and unique moulds and casts made to order from Claire Tennant Workshop.

Claire Tennant Workshop makes moulds and casts of sculptures for all types of clients, be they sculptors, artists, enthusiasts, hobbyists or everyone in between.

From miniatures to giant public art pieces, we have worked on a lot of weird and wonderful things over the years. And as they say, variety is the spice of life!

No matter the type of sculpture required, we love them all!

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula in creating a successful mould, as each sculpture presents its own difficulties — as a result each mould we make is unique and custom made to order.

Over the years I have found that the success of the mould is dependent on which mould technique to employ. There are a few to choose from. You can read more about them here.

Factors that help decide which kind of mould to use include:

Complexity of form

Does the figure have long, outstretched limbs? That would require a more challenging approach than a solid condensed form.


The bigger the sculpture, the more material required, and the more pieces the form must be broken down into.  Very small pieces can be extremely difficult for different reasons.

The material in which the final product will be made.

For instance, food grade silicone must be used for food related moulds.  Also, some casting resins will have a bad reaction to some silicones but not others. It is important for the mould maker to know the final outcome requirements before starting the mould making process

How many casts are likely to be needed from the mould.

This is important to know, because it could be very slow going if a client wanted 50 pieces and we only have one mould made. In that case, multiple moulds would be needed.

To note:

No mould will last forever, but some mould making materials have better longevity than others. If the mould was needed for lengthy on-going processes, it would be better to invest in a very sturdy, high-quality mould. A one-off piece would not require such an expense and could be made more quickly/ inexpensively.

If you have a sculpture you would like to have moulded, get in touch here for a quote.

It is always best to give as much information as you can about the project and the intended outcomes.

It is also critical to give the dimensions of the piece. Camera angles and varying lenses can make it very difficult to guess the size of an object.

Please note:  To make  a mould, an object is required — If you have an idea but no physical object to make a mould from, please specify in your inquiry.

Creating a sculpture or object from scratch is an entirely separate process to that of mould-making.